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Fixing audit

Yarn audit will tell you where the dependency is coming from. For example it could look something like this:

react-scripts -> react-dev-utils -> handlebars

The easiest would be to upgrade the top level dependency to the latest:

yarn upgrade --latest react-scripts

If upgrading to latest isn't an option, you can try updating to a newer compatible version. First see what you can upgrade to by running:

yarn outdated

Look for the Wanted or Latest version of react-scripts and update it in package.json.

yarn install

Try yarn audit. Did that fix it? If that didn't work, try:

yarn upgrade react-scripts

Try yarn audit. Did that fix it? If not, chances are we will have to use yarn resolutions. In package.json look for the resolutions field or create one if it doesn't exist:

"resolutions": {
"react-scripts/react-dev-utils/handlebars": "^1.33.7"

Finally run yarn install one last time to update the lockfile.

Alternatively you can update a single, specific sub dependency by removing it from yarn.lock and running yarn install again. This should only be done when upgrading the top level dependency would break a bunch of things (typically for react-scripts).